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At first glance, I look like a doll, but the more you learn about me, the more confident you can say that blondes are also smart. My blue eyes are like an ocean in which I want to sink. Also, I am constantly trying to develop in all areas, not so long ago I graduated from cooking, so you can not worry about who gets up in the morning and cook. I am ready to develop in a relationship with you, so I know that we are made for each other


I have loved sports since childhood, so I became a master of athletics, which can say a lot about me, namely: I am responsible, always reach the goal and ready to continue working. There is also blood flowing in my veins to get the adrenaline, which is how I felt it, jumped from a parachute several times and went snowboarding


My ideal every time I ask myself this, I have only one picture in my head, namely: you support each other, no matter how ridiculous the idea. Also, it is true and only true, even if it is bitter, then say it all at once, and together we will find a compromise. Many still believe that women should not earn, but this is not the case, I work and will work so that we have time to miss each other.