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You know, probably this task can be a little bit difficult for me, because I am not a fan of writing about myself, prefer actions over words. Of course, I am a woman and like to do girlish things from time to time. Not so long ago I understood – period of dreaming is over and I need to do something with me personal life. So, here I am. With each year our world becomes more pragmatic and people forget about the meaning of romance in their lives. You can call me a hopeless romantic, but I know romance has a great power to change people`s lives to better.


I like sports very much – gym, fitness, yoga, jogging, hiking, dancing, figure skating. I always wanted to attend a football match. I like reading and just adore intelligent conversations. Also, I am interested in psychology because I want to understand human beings. I often cook in my cozy kitchen. I like music, cinema and traveling and of course shopping like any true woman!


I believe in living with passion, loving boldly and leading by example. Here, I am looking for a life lover with whom we can create true loving relationship. May be you find my goals very simple, but I am down to earth person, I do not need objects in space, I need simple happiness. For sure, it is impossible to describe your personality in one text. If I was able to wake up your interest, then you are gladly welcome to contact me. Let’s start honest, personal and sincere dialogue. If you will not try, you will not know, I think people say something like this in similar situations