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It is always difficult to describe my character, but I can say that I never take offense at people, I like to apologize, but at the same time I can not insult someone, I believe that this is right and it is kindness and understanding will save the world


My hobby is very closely related to my work, I love hiking and my work as a real estate agent gives me the opportunity to combine pleasant with useful, now gaining popularity tourism and outdoor activities and why not get closer to the trends)) I easily change my minimal habits I learn quickly and love to meet new people, movement and communication – the engine of success and happiness


I can’t describe my joy at being surprised by my desire to find my fiancé and then husband, I like to communicate and meet, but here I am to find my friend, interlocutor and dream man, I dream that all three meanings of words are united in your character and even if you are radically different from my expectations, then I will go to meet you, all the doors open to the brave, action, do not wait!